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Travel Insurance
I never pay for travel insurance in the lower 48 but I do up here. Additional hotel nights are expensive in Bethel, Airlines cancel flights and connections are missed.


Typical Bethel Weather and extreme weather

  • Typical: 48-54 degrees 10 mph winds and cloudy
  • Extremes: More wind more rain to sunny and warm and incredible
    Best practices for managing weather

    • Add 2-3 days to the minimum river days to absorb bad flying weather. Worst case scenario is more fishing or more time to relax, hike, explore, and photograph.
    • Plan one or two days where you “layover” on the river. Play cards, skip rocks, tell stories, read or fish 6 miles up a tributary. One or two days of not packing up camp, showering, sleeping in and resting can make the next four days much more enjoyable.
    • Good rain gear, gloves and waders without leaks. Some warm layering and warm hat.


    Commercial Alaska Airlines flights

    • It is possible to be in Bethel the same day you leave the lower 48. Depending on your starting point you may be able to land in Bethel around 1:00 PM and be on the river later that afternoon. This will be weather dependent and subject to the bush pilot load for the day. No worries…an overnight stay at the lodge and a flight out in the morning is the next best and more relaxed option.
    • There are two options on the return trip. #1 – Off the river and onto the 9:00 PM flight and the redeye will get you home by early morning. #2 shuttle off the river to a shower and bed at the lodge with a flight home the next day.
    • Alaska Airlines $121 Companion Fare using the Alaska Airline Credit Card

    Alternate airline options