Safety and Best Practices


Bears typically will avoid humans. Read the links provided and be prepared.

Do not clean your fish on the raft. Do not clean your fish on your clothing. Toss all fish debris deep into the river to avoid curious Bears.  Set up camp away from areas where Bears may accidentally wander into camp.  Bring protection with you at all times and make plenty of noise when traveling through brush.

Z Drag and Portages

Z drag is an effective tool for whitewater rafting. It is used to mechanically increase your ability to pull a raft from a pinned rock or tree. This is not typically necessary on our rivers but it is a good skill to understand for rafting.

  • Best practices for getting off trees and snags are to avoid them in the first place.
    • Plan enough float time to daily to stop and scout with a fishing rod in your hand
    • When a channel is selected that does not provide an outlet plan a safe portage through the debris or across land to another channel
    • Radios to link other rafts can avoid multiple raft portages and multiple people can assist on individual portages