Flight Packing Tips

How do you pack for the plane to minimize luggage costs and have your gear ready for the raft?

For the plane

One large dry bag that holds your pad, sleeping bag and heavy fishing gear

  • The fishing gear may be in a dry bag that can be removed and accessed on the river
  • Many of the items you can not afford to get lost must be checked, including hooks, knives, multi-tools etc.

One carry on clothing bag (or you may check this for convenience)

  • Waders and boots are a clothing item not a fishing item-you will wear them to the river from the lodge. You will be taking them off and putting them on in the tent.
  • One carry on backpack

One pre-packed food cooler (checked)

  • Check all the heavy fishing gear into the large check in bag for the plane to offset the light sleeping bags and pads and keep the weight under 50lbs
  • When you get to the lodge, the fishing gear comes out and your clothing goes in.
  • Pack your large dry bag in terms of how you will pack in the tent on a rainy day

For the raft

  • One large dry bag that holds your pad, sleeping bag and clothing (packed and unpacked each day)
  • One small dry bag for your extra daily gloves, hat, raincoat, munchies (adjusted each day by temperature and weather)
  • One dry bag for fishing, photo or reading gear that is not on your vest/pack


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