King Salmon numbers are improving-wilderness always prevails

King Salmon cycles are often times unpredictable and confusing.  All areas of Alaska don’t move in sync with each other when it comes to salmon runs.  While 2016 Salmon runs on the Kanektok River, the Arolik River and the Goodnews River fared better compared to other years  and other areas we still have seen little on the positive side in the Anchorage area. In 2017 Bristol Bay and Kuskokwim rivers are expecting numbers of returning king salmon which should meet or exceed escapement goals. Silvers and sockeye making it into our river systems in very good numbers.  The impact of commercial fishing has been limited and it appears the number of fish making it into the system has seen substantial increases.  King Salmon subsistence fishing reached a level where locals can find some light.  The sport fishers once again are floating through large groups of salmon bringing the needed nutrients into the system for healthy growth of local populations of fish.

I am reminded each year of how we are very much like the fish.   Just like the fish we adapt to changing environments:

  •  adapting on the river to the weather
  •  adjusting to gear we are unfamiliar with
  • identifying and adapt to the movement and variability of the resource we seek.

It is important to seek solitude and companionship, work and reward, and an understanding of our place in this world.  Finding balance may not come easy, it may require considerable effort.  It may not be achieved the first time you try.  But it is out there.  I challenge you to find it.