Package DIY Rafting Fishing Trips for 2019

Too many options? Our 2019 Package DIY Rafting Fishing Trips page was designed to make it quick and easy for you.  In addition to our quality rafting, camping and kitchen gear, our trip pricing includes all Bethel transfers, bush flights and river pickups. You provide food, personal items and fishing gear.  We provide extensive assistance, advice and planning throughout your adventure preparation. Trips start any day of the week.

These packages are priced with our Best rafts.  All other gear and all Float Alaska services are the same regardless  of your choice of the Good  Better or Best float packages.  We designed our Good  raft packages for the budget minded floaters.  These prices apply to all dates on these rivers.


5+ Days Beginner“The Quickie” or “The Work Week”

The Goodnews River  is a short but an extremely productive  60 mile coastal river dumping into Bristol Bay.  It is one of our easiest floats with very healthy populations of rainbows, grayling, char, dolly varden and ocean fresh Salmon of all varieties.  Five river days is a very quick float for this river  but we can easily add extra days onto this package.  You will be on and off the river and back at work before anybody noticed you were missing!

Cost $1900 per person                                             add $60p/p per day extra

8+ DaysModerate“World Class Bristol Bay”

If you are a numbers guy and you are looking for the security of other floaters the Kanektok is great fishing has exceptional scenery and plenty of adventure with moderate rowing.  This river can be “busy” by our standards on the lower 1/3 but classic wilderness fishing by any other standard.  Eight river days are recommended to experience this river which is moderately easy rowing and amazing fishing. Your biggest concern is if your shoulders and gear hold up to the Kings, Silver, Bows and Dollies that call this river home. Added layover days may be considered in this package for additional hiking, photography or just plain fish slammin’ time.

Cost $2000 per person                                            add $60p/p per day extra

12+ Days Advanced“The Fugitive”

Your clothes and work tools may be in the driveway when you return, but it will be worth it.  The following rivers can be floated, camped, hiked and explored for twelve river days without setting foot on the same stretch of river twice.  We have added multiple layover days to this package. Explore side channels and tributaries that run for miles with limited if any pressure.  Whether you are catching monster bows with mouse patterns or sight fishing for opportunistic grayling, dollies and char behind spawning salmon you will have the extra time to experience Alaska as it was meant to be.  If you time it right you can add any of the five species of salmon to the mix. The  Kisaralik and Kwethluk are for intermediate to advanced pixie pounding, spinner spraying or fly fishing fools!

Cost $2100 per person*                                          add $60p/p per day extra

Please Note: All package prices are based on a group of six includes two raft units, one kitchen unit and two tent units. Pricing is based on deposit received by September 30 of the prior year. Fuel surcharge may apply. Time to plan your trip to for next year.

*Lodging in Bethel, Satellite phone rentals, equipment upgrades, number of passengers in your group and trip duration may all affect per person pricing.

Some of our clients are new to Alaska and Float trips while others have been returning for many years.  Our goal for both groups is a safe, successful and exciting adventure.