Our Trips

Build Your Own Trip

If you have experience rafting in the lower 48 or up in Alaska the routine is the same. Choose one of 9 rivers that vary in length from 45-140 miles, fly to Bethel any day of the week with your food, fishing gear, and personal items. We coordinate the bush flights and pickups and have your rafting, camping, and cooking gear ready when you arrive. We spend as much or as little time you require in planning your trip to meet your goals. You receive all the benefits of a world class experience on your schedule with your group. Did I mention “value”? If a week is not enough time feel free to extend your trip by a couple of days or a week. Get your trip planned completely or call us for some answers to those last few questions and we can put you on the river.

Pre-Planned Package Trips

If you are a newcomer to this type of adventure, review our pre-planned trips to see what options are available. We have been on these rivers for thirty years and know how to place our clients on a good river that meets their rowing skill, fishing goals as well as the wilderness adventure level. If the package looks good call us for availability.

Our package trips can also be modified with days added on as needed for extra fishing, photography, hiking or general wilderness exploration. Some of our rivers are perfect for rafters with limited experience while others may provide additional excitement for the experienced rower. Some weeks are better for targeting specific fish while others are amazing for the variety of fish that can be found. Grab the package that looks most like what you are looking for and I can assist with the rest.

Explore Our Rivers

You never know what you might find just around the bend! Some of our 9 rivers are perfect for rafters with limited experience while others provide excitement and adventure around every corner. None of our rivers are true white-water rivers. All of our rivers provide world class fishing while some are more scenic and others are more remote.

Are you a floater who fishes or a fisherman who floats. Use our River matrix tool to figure out what is best for you! Fishing, scenery, solitude, length, difficulty of navigation. Learn more about our rivers here.