Comfortable Camping Extras

The Alaskan outdoors can be harsh if you are not prepared.   We are prepared and so are you.  See our Equipment Rental page for the full standard list of items we provide.  If you prefer not to rough it but enjoy the river floating experience take a look at our gear below. For an additional fee you can be close to the comfort of a fixed lodge with all the benefits of a float trip.

Helinox High Cots  $75 for up to 10 days

  • Weighing in around 6-1/2 pounds with 1/2 to 1/3 of the packing size of other cots these are the perfect way to enjoy the back country. Save your back, knees and all around body for the important task of catching fish and viewing wildlife – These  can add extreme comfort to your trip that may help you stay out an extra week.  (We do not allow personal cots in our tents)

Alaskan Outfitter Gazebo –  $30 per day

  • Cook under the awning while protected from the wind and rain (no cooking inside the gazebo)
  • Use the rain fly to block the wind and rain or open side panel mesh to view the surroundings and feel the breeze while controlling the bugs
  • Dine in the Gazebo for a relaxing meal, to edit videos or read a book
  • Almost a requirement for extended trips with multi day layovers or larger groups
  • Some see this as unnecessary weight while others will not travel without it.  I may only set this up less than 1/2 of the time.  But when I do it improves the overall quality and enjoyment of the trip.
  • This Gazebo is not recommended to be set up under the most extreme Alaskan weather – there may be days when hunkering down in the tents is your best option.  These Gazebos are no longer available and special “training” is expected while using these.

MSR Wing Zing – $10 per day

  • Lightweight rain shelter can be set up in conjunction with the tents to provide some relief from the wind and rain while keeping a light traveling profile (7lbs)

Hot water Shower – $30 per trip

  • Heat up our Zodi Shower system on the Partner stove and take it into the Gazebo for a nice hot shower

Heaters -$30 per trip

  • Add a little buddy heater to the gazebo at shower time or to the tent for those crisp mornings or late season trips

Get creative with our Aluminum dry boxes

  • Our first dry box is included and provides an excellent casting platform and great functionality for gear food and miscellaneous items that want to call it home. Fishing vests, cameras extra clothing accessible in an instant. With comfortable 1/2″ padded seating they are great for our extended trips

Other items we have to improve your trip Are we missing the Ultra-light gear you like?

  • Patagonia crampons- felt soles not allowed in Alaska-cramp-ons not allowed in rafts $7 per day – 10 days of wading can be a good core workout- these can help
  • Sport Tube rod case, Holds two 9’ fly rods $5 per day
  • Spare rod “rental” buy if you try program $ call for pricing $
  • Thermacell Bug Coil system – ask for pricing

Are we missing the Ultra-light gear you like?

  • I am building my ultralight equipment supply-if there is a product you would like to see on one of my trips please let me know- we may be able to add it into the products we offer

Make sure to check out our equipment rental page for our full list of the typically included items. Don’t see something you’d like? Let us know! We’ll do everything we can to make it happen for you.


Tents – 6 person Alaskan Outfitter series – included in standard package

  • Did I mention these are standard?? –  they are still worth mentioning in the comfortable camping section even though they are included!
  • Spacious – we recommend 2-3 people in each of our 6 man tents
  • Stand up inside to change 6’3” center height
  • Use our chair to put on waders and clothes in the tent
  • Extra space to spread out gear/dry clothing 10’8” floor
  • The vestibule will keep your gear inside dry
  • Use the vestibule for removing rain gear
  • Store waders and shoes and vests outside but protected
  • We recommend 3” plus thick sleeping pads for better sleeping comfort as well as more camping options on Tundra, small or medium sized cobble beaches
  • These tents are a little heavy and a little tough to set up and a lot worth it when the weather rolls in.
  • We do not allow personal cots but you are welcome to rent our 6.5lb Helinox cots for your trip