Equipment Rental

FLOAT ALASKA provides top quality, reliable rafting camping and cooking equipment to ensure you have a safe and comfortable float DIY trip.  Our packages include repair, safety and spare items.  Because we want your expedition to be successful and enjoyable we have personally used and fine tuned this gear for over thirty years on these and other Alaska wilderness rivers.

A reasonable estimate for an 8 day trip with 6 people is approximately $2,000 p/p.  This includes our gear, shuttles, bush flights, and river pickups. Our trips start and finish any day of the week which means you can build your trip to be leisurely meander or  hardcore attack 50-140 mile river.  Because additional river days are less than $70 per day per person your custom 14+ day trip may be less than $2500 per person.  Our pricing does not include commercial Airlines, fishing license, food and personal items. There are no hidden fees such as shipping charges, or side excursions! 

Your final per person price may vary based on river selection, number of people, additional lodging, overweight groups and “luxury” items added onto our full packages.  I will work hard with you to keep your per person pricing down.

Our gear is setup cleaned and repaired after every trip-and replaced when necessary.  If you find something you feel could be improved or repaired please let us know and we will do our best for the next group.

EQUIPMENT: Raft Units | Kitchen Units | Tent Units | Complete Gear Set | Comfortable Camping

RAFT UNIT: Rental Rate: $75-135/day

NRS Raft Package includes: Frame/High Back Seat/Cooler/Dry Box/3 Oars/Repair Kit/Throw Bag/Frame and Gear Straps/Life Vests/Pump and Action Packer for storage

All of our Float Alaska RAFT UNITS will accommodate two or three people with all of their personal gear and camping and rafting equipment.

  • Good– The Riken rafts are workhorse “bucket” designs – extremely tough and reliable for the rivers we float. We run these for our value oriented clients. Save $50 per day using these classic rafts. Floats 1 or two fishermen on the front padded drybox and  1 rower with ample cargo capacity in the rear
  • Better-Our 14′ NRS Otters are “the little big man” small enough to navigate tight rivers but large enough for multi day trips. Good for 2 or 3 people on all trips
  • Best-Combining our NRS 15′ rafts with our swivel seat frame options provide additional comfort, similar cargo capacity and extra fishing flexibility. Good for Quick trip groups of 3 with a high intensity fly-fishing focus

*15′ NRS rafts may be available but may not be guaranteed until May 1st-I will be looking at all groups to determine priority based on need- lets talk!

A RAFT UNIT will consist of:

  • 1-14′ Riken Outfitter Series (13’8″ x 6’8″)  standard floor    $75 per day
  • 1-14′ NRS 140 Otter  -14’x7′ click on the link for details  $125 per day
  • 1-15′ NRS 150 Otter – 15’x7′ click on the link for details  $135 per day
  • 1- Salmon River (Riken and 14’NRS) or NRS rowing frame (15’NRS) padded rowing seat – with cooler, dry box and  under seat storage space
  • 3 Carlisle oars (9′) with heavy duty outfitter blades; oar extenders; and adjustable oar sleeves with oar rights
  • 105 quart cooler (fits into frame) 17.5″ D x 39.75″ W x 16.25″ H (approximate sizing). Upgrade to a YETI 110 cooler for longer trips.
  • 16″x16″x40″ padded aluminum dry box  (front 1 or 2 passengers sit on this functional water tight, comfortable 1/2″ diamond tread padded storage and casting platform)
  • Mesh Rear Cargo platform (and top netting if requested)
  • 10 gear straps -Heavy Duty Nylon cams – to tie your gear and mine down
  • Nylon bow rope
  • Ultrafloat Class III/V lifejackets – 1 p/p
  • Action Packer 24 Qt containing: raft pump and bilge pump; rescue throw bag; raft and tent repair kit; misc. tools, extra parts (raft valves, frame pins, oar lock, gas stove jets and replacement tool) and collapsible shovel.

These are comprehensive raft packages that have served our clients well! Our  Riken Raft designs are still manufactured today under the NRS label and are still valuable workhorses navigating our class I and II rivers.  By adding new NRS rafts for 2017 we have additional flexibility to accommodate your group goals.

Learn more on our Riken Rafts Pennel Orca boat material vs Hypalon

Extra Raft Frame add-ons

  • Rear Swivel seats for 15′ rafts $20 per day
  • Front Swivel seats for NRS frames only $15 per day
  • FishPond Mid length Nomad Nets (salmon and trout) available for $25 per trip

KITCHEN UNIT: Rental Rate: $45/day(varies by length of trip)


camping cooking equipment Float Alaska

A Float Alaska KITCHEN UNIT provides all of the equipment necessary to prepare your meals. Our propane stove is the best that you’ll find anywhere in the world.   A KITCHEN UNIT* consists of:

  • Partner outfitter deluxe 2 and 4 burner propane stove -reliable and durable
  • Partner 2 burners include wind screen -4 burner Wind screens/stove stands are available upon request
  • Propane tank (Propane included in costs)
  • Partner 18″x24″ heavy duty aluminum griddle or 12″ skillet
  • BBQ cooking grill
  • Folding camp chairs
  • Roll-a-table
  • Cook set containing: three heavy duty aluminum stock pots (8, 12, & 16 quart); cooking utensils (one spatula, one large cooking spoon, one whisk, one measuring cup); and coffee pot (14 cup)
  • Mess kit containing: Rubbermaid plates, bowls and cups; silverware (knives, spoons and forks)
  • 1 each 2-1/2 gallon Collapsible Water container per raft
  • Two Butane lighters
  • Funnel
  • Oven glove

When you arrive in Bethel you may choose to remove or add kitchen items according to your menu/cooking needs.  We have many items in our stock but in the interest of keeping your kitchen light we include the most commonly used items in your initial list and do not include a few items we will provide at no additional cost

Not automatically included, but available upon request:

  • Partner stove stands (13 lbs) and wind screens (3 lbs)
  • Cast iron Dutch oven (8 lbs)
  • Cutting board
  • Hatchet
  • Additional tables
  • Additional tarps

TENT UNIT: Rental Rate: $20/day (includes two tarps)

Tents Equipment

Equipment rental tents and rafts on Goodnews – Gazebos also available for large groups.

The tents available from Float Alaska were chosen for spacious comfort and reliability.  We recommend two people or a maximum of three people per tent. The tents offer 6’3″ of standing room for ease of movement, changing clothes and drying wet items. These are outstanding tents! A TENT UNIT consists of:

  • 1 Cabela’s Alaska Guide series 6 person tent with rain fly – 6’3″ height and 10’8″ floor
  • 2 tarps (1 outside ground tarp for under the tent and 1 tarp for inside the tent to go over the floor)
  • Rain fly and Vestibule for removing wet wading and rain gear

We recommend bringing your own THICK 2-3″sleeping pad or renting our Helinox High Cots.  To find the best camp site you should be flexible and this may mean setting up on 2″+ cobble.  We do not allow private cots in our tents.

Note: Our tent stakes are seasoned and experienced.  They understand how to work through 2-6″ cobble and may need to be bent back into shape for the next setup.  We provide 2-3 times the number of stakes for extreme weather setup.  Please read the setup instructions provided prior to your trip.  Our tents are heavy duty tents built for the extreme weather of Alaska.

COMPLETE GEAR SET: Rental Rate: $140-200/day

Complete Gear Set

Rafting camping and cooking equipment – tested and tough – comfortable and clean

For a two or three person trip, one COMPLETE GEAR SET is recommended. For a trip for more than three people, we would add extra RAFT and TENT UNITS or additional equipment as necessary. A COMPLETE GEAR SET consists of:

  • 1 RAFT UNIT (see above)
  • 1 KITCHEN UNIT (see above)
  • 1 TENT UNIT (see above)

Don’t forget to check out our Comfortable Camping items for extended and luxury camping trips – Gazebos, Zing Wing 200, Fishpond Fishing Nets, Helinox Cots, shower systems, propane heaters, Patagonia Crampon cleats fly rod tubes, fishing PFD’s and other ultra-light gear

A refundable damage deposit may be charged on all equipment rentals.

Float Alaska provides equipment lists and checklists of items we do not provide.

A one time equipment cleaning fee will be charged for all trips.

Please call us to discuss any questions you may have prior to your arrival.  We will work with you to ensure you have everything you need.