2017 Float Alaska King Salmon Fishing Report

The ADF&G fishing regulations and Emergency orders for 2017 can be confusing.  The emergency order for the Kuskokwim River King Closure applies only to the Kuskokwim river and its drainages (Aniak, Holitna, Kisaralik, Kasigluk, Kwethluk and Eek etc).  Float fishing for 2017 Chinook Salmon on the Kanektok River, Arolik River and Goodnews River are not […]

King Salmon numbers are improving-wilderness always prevails

King Salmon cycles are often times unpredictable and confusing.  All areas of Alaska don’t move in sync with each other when it comes to salmon runs.  While 2016 Salmon runs on the Kanektok River, the Arolik River and the Goodnews River fared better compared to other years  and other areas we still have seen little on the positive side […]

High and Dry Bristol Bay Silver Salmon

2015 was an extraordinarily low water year and kept the Bristol Bay Silver Salmon from entering many of our river systems until late season rains kicked in. As a result, fish concentrated into the last week of August and into September. Although there are always plenty of fish to be caught in the rivers, this led to some exceptionally hot late […]

Bristol Bay Sockeye Run predicted best in 20 years

No time to waste if you are a sockeye slaying fool. This years run will match those of the mid 90’s. The forecasts are known to vary but with some areas experiencing severe downward trends on sockeye we are excited to have a positive forecast.

Limited Snow Year Bodes Well For Fishermen

2014 was a low water year primarily due to the limited snow pack through the 2013-14 winter months. The 2014 result was low water with accessible fish and rivers that cleared quickly. The 2014-15 winter proved to be the same and we are expecting exceptional fishing to rival or exceed 2014.