Build Your Own Trip in 2018 or 2019


  • Trips leave daily and they can be any number of days. Our season is typically July, August and the first ½ of September. Midweek flights cost less. Weekend trips book up faster and should be planned earlier.
  • Add a day or two on top of the minimum recommended days for weather delays (cheap insurance).
  • If you have plenty of time add multiple extra days for fishing, hiking photography and layover camp days.
  • Days on the water are inexpensive relative to flights.  Longer trips add more value to the trip.
  • These trips can be minimal from a gear standpoint or “luxury” items may be added for additional comfort.  Gazebo, Helinox cots, Zodi shower etc.
  • We do not stack groups on top of each other so getting the date booked first is important.  Fine tuning the number of people and gear required is secondary and can be changed virtually up to the departure date.
  • Typical total trip costs for 5-12+ day trips (gear flights food licenses etc) are usually under $2500 per person and may be close to $2000 per person (not including commercial airlines to Bethel)
  • The number of people on your raft, the number of days you stay at the lodge, the extra or “luxury” gear selections may add up to $500 per person to the total trip cost.
  • Most groups run 1-3 rafts.  Rafts can accommodate 2 or 3 people.
  • Most plans fail at the “getting all 6 people to commit” stage.  Get your core group  committed and set your dates
  • I can assist with a conference call to your group to answer questions.  I will work with you as needed through the entire process.


I will assist you over the phone if you prefer (208) 602-1200 or you can use our online tools to define the basic trip and then we will work on the fine tuning later.

  • Explore our rivers to determine a good match with your rowing skill and travel time frame as well as your scenic and wilderness expectations
  • Surf our facebook page current information, reports and specials.  Like and Share our facebook page to assist in locating additional members of your group.
  • Review our specific river run timing on each river page for optimal salmon times or catch the edges of the runs for great fishing and fewer people on the river.
  • Check out our Equipment page to see what is included in our packages and general pricing. Review our Comfortable Camping “luxury items”.
  • Contact us with your preferred dates and flexibility around those dates. An understanding of convenient or low cost flight options prior to choosing dates may be helpful.
  • After I confirm equipment and river availability book your flights on Alaska Airlines into Bethel and send your deposit of $400 per person
  • Now you own that river on those dates. It is time to get excited, get your gear together and tell your friends. We can add rafts and gear as others join the group.
  • In our Travel Tools page we provide detailed information to prepare you for your adventure.
  • Use our Personal Items, Fishing Gear and Food Recommendations and Best Practices to get yourself started
  • Additional information will be provided after deposits including specific river gps coordinates, trip planning tips, delegation of responsibilities and local information
  • Call me direct or schedule a conference call with your group at (208) 602-1200 for any reason at any time.

Considerations for your custom trip

A do-it yourself Alaskan float trip takes a lot of planning and preparation.  The choice of river is a combination of your goals, expectations, rowing abilities and fish species.

Contact float Alaska with detailed information on your group.

  • Perfect amount of time for your trip
  • Number of flexible days +/-
  • General or specific days/month available
  • Top 3 priorities (scenery, remote experience, fishing, safety, wildlife viewing)
  • Rowing experience-(# days on the oars, age and physical condition)
  • Fishing experience in Alaska (good bad and ugly)
  • Other fishing experience,
  • Fly fishing or spin fishing


  • Good answers to all the above questions will get you close to the best river and general time frame. It is likely we will contact you with a few more questions.  We will provide a general trip price at this point.
  • With general river and time frame established, we will coordinate bush flights, lodging and river pickups. Some adjustments may need to be made in order to preserve the highest quality remote wilderness experience for you. Your gear will be selected and your price will be finalized.
  • A deposit will be required to hold your time and you will be provided with the details of your specific river, recommended fishing gear and food recommendations.
  • Once you have booked your flights to Bethel you will provide us with your information for pick up and drop off and we will organize the rest.
  • All of this planning is typically accomplished 3 months to two years ahead of time so we expect changes in flights and numbers of people among other things. We will work hard to accommodate any changes as they occur to make your trip smooth and easy.