About Us

EricWelcome to Float Alaska.  When you build a trip with us you will be working directly with Eric Elliott.  My goal is to provide you with the essential information not only to make your trip safe but comfortable.  The Alaskan outdoors can be harsh without the proper planning.

I have spent most of my life chasing fish, floating rivers, camping and backpacking.  I am proud to say I have supported both of my sons in their journey to become Eagle Scouts.  I have guided in Idaho and Alaska and fished in most of the lower 48.  Salmon and Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest have kept me busy many days.  I have also enjoyed chasing the sun and saltwater fish from Florida to Hawaii down to Mexico,  Belize and Costa Rica.  My passion however lies in the wilderness rivers of Alaska.  I have extensive knowledge that I would like to share for both gear fishermen and fly fishermen.

I have used motor boats, drift-boats, rafts, kayaks, pontoons float tubes and rubber inner-tubes for more than thirty years. I have pushed these tools deep into the backcountry.  I have multi day floated many whitewater rivers in the lower 48 and Alaska.  I have used all my experience to develop checklists and to understand what questions to ask my clients to make sure their trips are safe and successful.

I enjoy finding a good guide and staying at a nice lodge but found I enjoy the challenge and benefits of a self supported DIY trip.  Our rivers are nothing short of world class.  The value proposition of our trips is exceptional.  Our waters are non glacial, not whitewater and typically provide clear water sight fishing opportunities in the upper and mid sections.

Our trips may be custom designed by you with my support or you can take one of our pre-planned options.  With 9 rivers to choose from we can find one that is just right for your group.  Length of trip, rowing skills, types of fish, remote or really remote.  We can discuss your goals to put you on the right river.

When I am not fishing I enjoy hunting chukar through the hills of southern Idaho and eastern Oregon.  You may find me chasing elk on occasion in Idaho Montana Wyoming or Arizona.  To keep in shape I will be mountain biking, hiking, backpacking or just hitting the gym.  Being in good physical condition is an important part of my life.

My goal with float Alaska is to provide a home base for various groups.

  • Easy comfortable affordable value on world class rivers
  • Value trip for the budget minded family
  • World class fishing for the hardcore guys/girls group
  • Extreme value and flexibility for the retired physically active folks
  • A place to add onto a “lodge week” for an extended Alaska Adventure

Float Alaska has been flying and floating this area for over thirty years.  Use our knowledge and our experience to make your trip an experience of a lifetime.