2017 Float Alaska King Salmon Fishing Report

The ADF&G fishing regulations and Emergency orders for 2017 can be confusing.  The emergency order for the Kuskokwim River King Closure applies only to the Kuskokwim river and its drainages (Aniak, Holitna, Kisaralik, Kasigluk, Kwethluk and Eek etc).  Float fishing for 2017 Chinook Salmon on the Kanektok River, Arolik River and Goodnews River are not effected by this emergency order.  General regulations apply to these Bristol Bay waters.

King Chinook techniques-

  • Start off with nymph techniques up higher in the drainage and for fish that have been in the river system longer.
  • As you move down patterns can become larger and brighter with traditional coastal colors at the bottom.
  • Be sure to bring some variety and experiment a little.

The Togiak and Yukon Delta National Wildlife river drainages are starting off with some low water which may provide some excellent, clear sight fishing conditions through July.  Float Alaska fishing reports will vary week to week.

  • Expect all waters to fish well for resident Leopard rainbows, grayling and char as well as sea-run dolly varden.
  • Chum, sockeye and kings are predicted to do well in most drainages despite commercial closures.
  • Silver Salmon are expected to do well in all drainages. Float Alaska rafting camping should be a prime method for accessing all these species.
  • Fly fishing for trophy trout under clear water conditions behind salmon as well as locating the Leopard rainbows near structure should be good all through July and into August.  Sculpin patterns, mouse patterns and anything in between will take fish.
  • Trophy grayling will be susceptible to many dry patterns as well as typical subsurface offerings.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right pattern to take the species you are targeting as some patterns will catch almost every fish in the water. Fishing will vary week to week depending on water flows so be sure to bring some patterns that may work well if the water rises and becomes less clear.  Although our fish are not typically leader shy and have not seen many offerings over a season.  Sometimes having a slightly smaller or slightly larger or different color pattern can move some fish.   Experiment a little and remember what worked at mile 10 may not work at mile 20 but may come back into play around mile 30.